Buche de Noel

Yule Logs

Bouche de Noel / Yule Logs Recipe // Take Christmas to the next level with this highly detailed Yule log cake, complete with wood-grain pattern and chocolate pinecones.

Meat pie (French Canadian Tourtiere)   Yummy comfort food!!

Meat pie (French Canadian Tourtiere) Not Portuguese, I know, but I was brought up on this as well, on my Mom's side. My Pepere made the BEST meat pies in the world!

Poutine. In English that's French fries covered with gravy & cheese. I'm in heaven! Quebec City has the best.

A recipe for poutine perfection

Poutine is a very effective cure after drinking that has it's origin in Quebec, Canada.

Brown Sugar Pie - Tarte Au Sucre

This traditional French Canadian Sugar Pie is wonderful with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

Pouding chômeur

Maple poor man's pudding or as known by French Canadians Pouding Chômeur.