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there is a blue cake and ice cream on the beach with a drink next to it
Tidal Crave Desserts
Catch the TIDAL CRAVE! 💙 Throughout July, indulge in our flavour of the month, Beach Day™, in a variety of ways. Stop by your local shop to get on the flavour wave! Tag a friend to spread the word. 👀
two drinks with strawberries and pineapple on the side
Non-Dairy Smoothies
As the days get warmer, we've got the perfect treat to cool you down - our Non-Dairy Smoothies made with real fruit! 🌞 Made with either mangos and strawberries, it's like a fruit extravaganza in a cup. Dive into the refreshing blend of real fruits for that sweet escape you've been dreaming of. Get yours today at your local shop!
two ice creams with pink and blue icing are on the cover of candy carnival
May Flavour of the Month
Step right up to taste our NEW Flavour of the Month: Candy Carnival! 🎡 Blue raspberry flavoured ice cream with a cotton candy flavoured ribbon and crushed OREO® pieces! 🍦 Come join the flavour fiesta and indulge in a taste sensation that's as fun as a day at the carnival! 🎠 Only available for a limited time, and while supplies last.
a woman holding two smoothies in her hands
Non-Dairy Smoothies
Introducing NEW Non-Dairy Smoothies made with Real Fruit! Did you hear the news? Baskin-Robbins® Canada has now launched a BRAND NEW addition to our lineup - Non-Dairy Smoothies made with Real Fruit! 🍓🥭 Made with your choice of frozen mangos or strawberries, these new treats are sure to have you feeling the goodness of Summer a little bit early this year.
four ice creams with pink and white designs on them
Ultimate Take Home Sundaes
Dive into a world of taste with our Ultimate Take Home Sundaes – 5 layers of pure indulgence, no assembly required! 🍨✨ Just grab a spoon and savour the sweet moments. Because you deserve a treat that's as effortless as it is extraordinary! 🎉 Plus, with ASAP ordering, you can pick up in shop in as quick as 15 minutes! Get your order in ASAP to enjoy today.
three scoops of ice cream and two slices of pie on a green striped surface
Order Online For The Big Game!
Huddle up, dessert squad! 🎉 Order online for the most delicious game day desserts that will have everyone cheering. Touchdown on flavour, score on convenience! Let's make this weekend a winning treat-fest! 🏆
two ice creams with toppings on them and the words, take home sundae love potion chocolate explosion
Love Potion Chocolate Explosion
Introducing the sweetest enchantment to our Ultimate Take Home Sundae family: Love Potion Chocolate Explosion! 🍦✨ It's a love affair between rich Chocolate ice cream, a layer of strawberry topping, Love Potion #31 ice cream, topped with a layer of chocolate fudge and Oreo® cookie pieces. Get ready to fall head over heels for this delightful, limited-time, creation! 💖 Order yours online today to pick up at all participating shops.
two ice creams with raspberries on the side and one is in a cup
February Flavour of the Month
Love is in the air, and so is everyone's favourite flavour!✨ Love Potion #31® is back for the month of love, stirring up delicious magic that will make your heart skip a beat. White chocolate and raspberry flavoured ice creams, swirled with a raspberry ribbon, chocolate flavoured chips, and raspberry-filled hearts. Scoop, savour, and let the flavour of romance take over! 💕 Pick it up at your local shop all month long, while supplies last.
four ice creams with different toppings on pink background
Order Online
Need a sweet fix ASAP? We've got you covered! 🕐 Order online and pick up your choice of Polar Pizza® Ice Cream Treats, Pre-Packs, or any of our Ultimate Take Home Sundaes. The best part? They can be ready in as soon as 15 minutes! Don't wait – treat yourself now! 🎉
six ice cream cups are stacked in the palm of someone's hand, which is holding them
Ultimate Take Home Sundaes
Craving the ultimate dessert indulgence at home? Say hello to our Ultimate Take Home Sundaes – available for online ordering today! Choose from delectable varieties and treat yourself to a sweet delight in the comfort of your own space. Order now and let the sundae party begin! 🎉
peanut butter blossom ice cream in a bowl with a pink spoon on an orange background
Peanut Butter Blossom Flavour of the Month
Welcoming the new year with a brand new flavour of the month… Peanut Butter Blossom! 🍦✨ Peanut butter ice cream base with a chocolate fudge ribbon, peanut butter cookie dough pieces and chocolate chips. Swing by your local shop to scoop up this scrumptious treat all month long, while supplies last!
three ice creams with sparklers in the background
Celebrate 31
Start the new year on a sweet note! 🥳 Join us on December 31st for a delicious deal – 31% off all single-priced pre-packs at your nearest Baskin-Robbins® Canada shop. Here's to a scoop-tastic celebration! 🍦
a woman is holding a cake decorated like a snowman
Festive Holiday Treats
Craving a taste of happiness? Ordering your favourite Baskin-Robbins® Canada treats online is as easy as a few clicks away! Whether it's our festive Brrr The Snowman Cake, a Polar Pizza® Ice Cream Treat, or any of our delicious pre-packs and Ultimate Take Home Sundaes, we've got the perfect season's delights waiting for you.🍦 Order now and let the sweet moments come to you.
the ultimate take home sundae is ready to be eaten
The Ultimate Take Home Sundae
Indulge in the ultimate ice cream experience with Baskin-Robbins® Canada's Ultimate Take Home Sundaes! With four delicious varieties to choose from, there's a perfect treat for every craving. Whether you're a Chocolate Brownie lover, or crave endless amounts of cookie dough, these sundaes are the ultimate dessert adventure. 🍨
six ice cream containers filled with brownies and chocolate chips on top of each other
Ultimate Take Home Sundae
So many layers…so many decisions. You can now choose from FOUR different varieties with the Ultimate Take Home Sundaes - Cookie Dough Deluxe, Caramel Cookies 'n Cream, Chocolate Brownie Deluxe, or the NEW Brownie Mint Double Chip. 🥳