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Mary Barber Drawings from medieval cope

Ecclesiastical SewingOpus Anglicanum: Victoria and Albert StyleChurch Vestments: Sewing and Embroidery for Church Vestment Making

Seraphim are the angels closest to God, and thus the highest in the angel hierarchy. They derive much joy from worshiping their god, which is why they fly around his throne singing “holy, holy, holy”.

Серафим, попирающий дракона (Англия, 13 в.) Seraphim, trampling the dragon (England, 13th c.)

Harley 3244 Peraldus, Theological miscellany, including the Summa de vitiis England; or quarter of the century, after c. 1236 Miniature of a angel standing on a seven-headed dragon, with text inscribed on his wings.