1968 Lamborghini 400 GT, Right-Hand Drive | Baxtton

1968 Lamborghini 400 GT, RHD - one of only four right hand drive examples produced out of a total of 249 cars built

Limited-Edition 60-Year Motorcycle Jacket, by Bell and Schott | Baxtton

Two American motorcycle gear manufacturers, Bell and Schott, have collaborated to produce the stylish Bell Schott Moto Jacket.

Ronin Motorcycle, by Ronin Motorworks | Baxtton

RONIN 47 MOTORCYCLE When Harley-Davidson quit building the Buell the guys at Ronin Motor Works were upset — and they decided to do something about it. The Ronin 47 Motorcycle is the result.

Ford Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition: 50 Years Young! | Baxtton

Ford launched the Mustang 50 years ago this week at the New York World's Fair. To celebrate the iconic pony car's birthday, Ford will be revealing a 2015 Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition, just .

Limited-Edition Mercedes-Benz AMG GT C Edition 50 | Baxtton

To celebrate the anniversary of AMG in Mercedes-Benz introduces a limited-edition coupé, the AMG GT C Edition Offered in two.

Jim Beam Black Original Grain Limited Edition Watch | Baxtton #Watch #Whisky #Handmade #LimitedEdition #Wood #OriginalGrain

Original Grain and Jim Beam Black Link up for an All-American Collaboration: The special edition box set is limited to 500 pieces worldwide.

Leica X2 Paper Skin Fedrigoni Limited Edition... Who Needs Leather | Baxtton

The Leica Edition "Fedrigoni" has been produced as a limited series of 25 cameras. It is the first Leica camera clad in a "paper skin" and wrapped in 15 quality designer papers. The shimmering, pearlescent Fedrigoni paper "Constellation Jade" replace…

The Impossible Collection Of Wine, A Book by Enrico Bernardo | Baxtton

In this limited-edition book entitled The Impossible Collection Of Wine, Enrico Bernardo, the world’s best sommelier, unveils the 100 most exceptional wines.

BMW Cruise M Bike Limited Edition | Baxtton

Of Course There’s a Bicycle Version of the BMW Coupe