Canada's view of Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore from the Canadian side! Although there is no Canadian side to Mount Rushmore. Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota.

Canadian Problems

karlsburg: “ canadian-problems: “ milk bags take two submitted by swoonforme ” Preach. We have milk bags in England now.

Montreal, Canada.~ on my list!

Montreal - Only place i would want to live in the winter. Snow covered, but still colorful and happy.

Canadian Problems

I love American iced tea. I have a major problem with Canadian iced tea. All of these are so accurate

Canadian problems

Canadian problems - I always have to explain this, even though I'm third generation Canadian.

Canadian Problems - Computer, Y U hate on the "Canadian U"? :(

Canadian Problem - you know you're right but the US keyboard tells you you're wrong!

Canadian Problems. Sorry.

Funny pictures about Canadian Problems. Oh, and cool pics about Canadian Problems. Also, Canadian Problems.

canadian problems

i was going to buy a really nice pair of boots the other day, and then i remembered. Salt stains are the WORST.

Canadian Problems

A place in England-----Born in Saskatchewan; we always called a sofa a chesterfield until American TV got everyone now saying couch.