Manny!!! <3

Starting off the year already without Ryan Kesler, and David Booth, the Canucks announced last week that Centre Manny Malhotra would be placed on the.

Ryan Kesler from the Vancouver Canucks. Can he get any sexier! Yummy!

Ryan Kesler from the Vancouver Canucks. And THIS is why he was on my fantasy team =P Well.

"Johnny Canuck" Vancouver Canucks logo

Vancouver Canucks Alternate Logo - A 'V' with head of Johnny Canuck on top

Canucks win the President's Trophy again!!!!!!!!!!!

The Presidents' Trophy was presented to the NHL in by the League Board of Governors to recognize the team compiling the top regular-season record. In case of a tie, the team with the most wins is awarded this annual trophy.

<3 canucks

<3 canucks