Guacamole Chicken Salad and 8 Minute Gluten-Free Bread!

Guacamole Chicken Salad - an easy, healthy and delicious lunch recipe. Using pre-made chicken your new favorite sandwich is ready in less that 5 minutes!

Epicure's Irish Beef and Barley Stew

Irish Beef and Barley Stew - Barley is a good source of both fill-you-up fast complex carbs (fibre, selenium) and minerals (phosphorus, copper and manganese).

#Epicure Lazy Lasagna

Epicure Lazy Lasagna - So simple and looks yummy! Im definitely trying this one tonight!

Epicure's Beef Stroganoff

Epicure's Beef Stroganoff — Sirloin beef is low in saturated fat, plus packed with protein, zinc and iron.