Gary Cheevers: Boston Bruins. he would draw stitches on his mask every time a puck hit it. BA!

Gary Cheevers: Boston Bruins - I believe this is where the idea of goalies painting their masks first came from.every time he took a puck to the face, he painted stitches on his mask.

Terry Sawchuk adopted the mask during the 1962-63 season, but not before the scars of more than 350 stitches crisscrossed his face.

Detroit Red Wings Legend Terry Sawchuk (I saw Sawchuck play, in Detroit and Boston.

Gerry Cheevers

siphotos: “Gerry Cheevers had arguably the most recognizable goalie mask of all time. The Boston Bruins netminder added stitches to his mask every time a puck struck it.

Jimmy Howard

The 50 Best Goalie Mask Designs in NHL History

It began in After experimenting with designs off the ice for months, Montreal Canadiens goaltender Jacques Plante felt he had found the right kind of goalie mask to use for protection in a game, but there was just one problem.

Doug Favell | Philadelphia Flyers | 1971

Doug Favell's Halloween Pumpkin Mask - The First Painted Mask in NHL History