Snail Mail

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two brown envelopes with hearts cut out of them
Une lettre pour toi
Handmade envelopes - Google Search
there are three different colored papers on the table with one paper stuck to it's side
Mailart Inspiration. #2
there is a drawing on the wall with words written in different colors and shapes,
a hand holding an envelope with flowers painted on it
Illustrations Sharing Page on Instagram: “Artist: @mypapertales | #IllustrationNow if you would like to be featured”
four envelopes with flowers on them sitting next to each other
Made By Fee
Made By Fee: May 2012
an assortment of colorful stickers on a white surface with hearts, stars and unicorns
gypzye: ϟ☆ gypsy/indie blog here ☆ϟ
a hand holding up a card with a slotty hanging from it's side
Canyi (@ckenyee) on Instagram: “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeello! . . #sloth #sundayvibes #happymail #write #handwritten…”
an open pink envelope with floral ribbon on the top and words written in black ink
💌 Open for Happiness. Enough said. 💌
the hello sunshine sticker is laying on top of a wooden table with flowers and birds
Sticker bomb!
an assortment of stamps and other items on a table
Beautiful mail inspiration from @sfcorrespondence (the bubbles!) some July Four Bears in there! #envelopeart
two sheets of stickers on top of each other
Rainbow stickers bomb 😍
a piece of paper that has various stickers on it, sitting on a wooden surface
I love a good sticker filled postcard but this was super fun & a little challenging to find one to fit right in each circle! .…