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Avengers- cute graphic but the skill meter, which I'll assume is combat oriented, seems a little off. Captain America has for hand to hand fighting skill then any of these others characters according to the Marvel Comics mythos. Marvel Avengers, Marvel Comics, Avengers Humor, Avengers Actors, Avengers Cartoon, Avengers Team, Avengers Poster, Avengers 2012, Avengers Characters

Avengers just got posted to Netflix Instant. Rewatched it last night and I'm pretty sure the big flying monster was some sort of a bony fish... Either that, or I've been studying for Aquarium Culture too much.

 My fav is Thor because I'm a HUGE Thor fan Marvel Dc Comics, Marvel Heroes, Marvel Avengers, Avengers Cast, Avengers Quotes, Avengers Symbols, Avengers Imagines, Geek Out, The Villain

I love them all! They are made for each of them, i mean almost if they were created by each of their personalities

the Avengers movie posters/ Wish we had a Black widow and Hawk eye movies. Please marvel Marvel Movie Posters, Marvel Movies, The Avengers, Marvel Fan, Marvel Dc Comics, Marvel Universe, Loki, Thor, Film Serie

Apparently the bow and arrow guy is a hero? Didn't know that... The comment that the person I posted this from obviously doesn't know the movie Bow and arrow guy No that's hawk eye

The Avengers Women Tank Tops. Superhero Stuff for Marvel Avengers and DC. The Avengers, Avengers Symbols, Avengers Movies, Avengers Poster, Avengers 2012, Avengers Women, Hq Marvel, Marvel Dc Comics, Marvel Heroes

FINALLY watched the whole movie tonight! It was beautiful. All those explosions and all that Tony Stark... Just beautiful.

Avengers poster- The Hulk punching Thor out of frame is one of the best scenes in the movie, though of course the best is Hulk flinging Loki around like a rag doll! The Avengers, Avengers Poster, Avengers 2012, Avengers Cartoon, Avengers Quotes, Avengers Humor, Avengers Imagines, Thanos Avengers, Avengers Comics

Hey! I need some help from my followers! What's an Avengers-y song that I can blast through my house at full volume to wake up my brother on his birthday?!

Top 30 Funny Marvel Avengers Memes - Quotes and Humor Funny Marvel Memes, Dc Memes, Marvel Jokes, Avengers Memes, Superhero Memes, Loki Funny, Funny Geek, Funny Life, Really Funny Memes

An Army, a Hulk, and a Jar of Dirt! Love all of these movies! Thor, Iron Man, Avengers, & Pirates of the Caribean

Whoa, major problem here. Where , may I ask, is Captain America- my favorite avenger? Marvel Films, Marvel Heroes, Marvel Avengers, Banner Hulk, Bruce Banner, Loki, Thor, Plus Tv, Broken Glass

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