Carrick's lethal Lemon martini in Fifty Shades Darker page 373.

Frosty Lemon Martini

Frosty Lemon Martini by Sunset Magazine. This sweet-tart, chilled lemon martini is perfect served on warm summer evenings.

Spanish Omelet similar to the one Ana prepares in Fifty Shades Darker page 78 - #joboston50ShadesFood

Try our muy delicioso Spanish Omelet recipe! This Spanish Omelet features a flavorful mix of smoked ham, VELVEETA, garlic and chopped fresh cilantro.

voodoo Portland, doughnut for Ray

Voodoo Donuts cast a powerful come-back-to-me spell on those who eat them.

Soo true

Funny Workplace Ecard: Between my hangover, ADD, and gnawing hunger, I really don't feel like doing shit at work today.

The Greys prefer this for dinner, #FiftyShades @50ShadesSource

Italian Sparkling Wine, keeping it simple - on the rocks - nom nom nom (gf of course)

Pouilly Fume - Fifty Shades Freed page 235

Pouilly Fume - Christian and Ana drink this when they arrive at his apartment to discuss the 'contract'.

Sancerre - Christian's choice of wine in Fifty Shades of Grey pages 215 and 283

Sancerre - Christians choice of wine in Fifty Shades of Grey pages 215 and 283

No touching

pleasesir-mayihaveanother: “ Though rope is very pleasurable to some, a true submissive needs no rope. A true submissive needs only a master to place her and whisper “stay;” his words will hold her.

Chicken Pot Pie - Mrs. Jones prepares this for Ana and Grey for dinner in Fifty Shades Darker page 270. #50SoG

Marijuana recipe for the real chicken pot pie. Cook with cannabis oil, marijuana butter and weed milk. This chicken pot pie is easy to make and .