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He who hesitates disintegrates

'He who hesitates will be lost' -series of unfortunate events 'he who hesitates. disintegrates' -castiel angel of the lord XD <<< actually that is lucifer in season 11 episode 18

"This is Sam Winchester's voicemail. Leave a message after the - GOSHDARNITLUCIFERSTOPIT" XD

"'This is Sam Winchester's voicemail. Leave a message after the - GOSHDARNITLUCIFERSTOPIT' 'XD'" His message is "This is Sam, leave me a message." We can hear it when Dean calls him all the time ^_^

You go Supernatural!

They did it perfectly because Felicia Day (Charlie) just had to act like herself. A perfect, nerdy girl.<--- Also, Mean Girls reference

Sam not only takes the name of a moose, but also it's characteristics and habits

If I ever meet this guy, I'm giving him a t-shirt that says "Beware of moose" with a cute moose picture. Or a picture of Jared with moose antlers. << I shall hand him a picture of a moose and say "This is the picture of you I want signed"

Yepp, just husband

The tall guy.Her future husband and father of her children.And he's the tall guy.

If people don't believe Jensen and Danneel love each other, please direct them to this photo shoot. Ugh. So pretty. Boys and Girls Club Gaga Photo Shoot edit by Krista

"Supernatural" actor Jensen Ackles & wife Danneel Harris ~ Malibu Boys and Girls Club Gala Photoshoot 2013 ~ they are too cute together!