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Browse Interactives - all types of student interactives for a variety of skills. You can customize the grade level and the core content area.

Great persuasive writing unit with excellent activities re brands and logos

The interest rate for a whole year, If you carry any credit card debt, you want the APR or annual percentage rate to be as low as possible, and get that debt paid off faster.

Gruen Transfer/Planet - Resources for teaching advertising

Gruen - the show that lifts the lid on advertising, spin and marketing. Join host Wil Anderson, stalwarts Todd Sampson and Russel Howcroft and other advertising industry experts to unpick the ways we're all bought and sold.

Teacher’s Guide Series | The Academy

Super Teacher’s Guide Series with complete lesson plans and activities to develop skills in critical thinking, creative writing, and visual literacy using films. Developed by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Test-Taking Vocabulary - Flocabulary

Free, Printable Vocabulary Word Lists - Flocabulary -- this pic has nothing to do with the article -- it just didn't have any other picture for me to pin.

MEDIA EDUCATION FOUNDATION - tough guise, miss representation and the like

MEDIA EDUCATION FOUNDATION - tough guise, miss representation and the like

Film & Filmmaking | MediaEd

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Overview of content for Teaching Trailers Summer 2014 Primary and Secondary teaching and learning resource