Turkey Shepherd's Pie

Individual Turkey Shepherd's Pie: For a healthier take on Shepherd's pie, swap in ground turkey for the beef and serve it in individual portions, each topped with a layer of cheesy mashed potatoes, just like the classic version.

Spicy Turkey Egg Rolls

Spicy Turkey Egg Roll Recipe Featuring Butterball Turkey Burgers - Recipe from Jen Banks at A Busy Mommy.

Northwoods Maple-Mustard Turkey Sandwich

Northwoods Maple-Mustard Turkey Sandwich - warm sandwiches are awesome

Artichoke Turkey Pizza

Artichoke Turkey Pizza: Leftover turkey recipe for pizza with flavored tomatoes, artichoke hearts and olives tucked between two cheeses

Turkey Bacon Pasta Salad

This Summer Picnic recipe from Bored Mommy would translate really well for a brown bag lunch!

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