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Firefighters, do you know where your helmet is? Anyone ever done this one or made fun of the guy that has?

Lol, however as a volunteer fire fighter my entire turn out set is in my gear bag so everythin comes with me

the real question? Never understood why famous people get paid more than firefighters... Police officers... Etc..

Fire Fighters, along with other everyday heroes like our soldiers, deserve SO MUCH MORE respect and honor than they get. so sad how Americans give more fame to celebrities who don't need it, and ignore the real heroes.

That's probably one of the most accurate descriptions that I have ever heard. It's certainly nothing like Hollywood would lead you to think it is!

Firemen need a good sense of navigation, but the smoke ans flames cloud their vision in the burning building.

Sopranos were amazing. One of the best shows on tv period! Hubby and I never missed it. Hate to say this though I hated the finale. One of the worst ever IMO

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