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Matthew Benson

Matthew Benson
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'Last Winter' - by Konstantin Kalynovych, Russian illustrator

Konstantin Kalynovych is another Russian Illustrator whom I adore. His work is as finely drawn is Durer's with wonderful surreal overtones and true fairy tale imagination woven in.

Vegan French Onion Soup

My mom is famous for her French onion soup. It’s a luscious soup, that really slaps you in the face with caramelized onion flavor. Other French onion soups are weak, oniony water in comparison to my mom’s. The sercret? Don’t be stingy with the on

In Japan, Adorable Cats Are Used To Promote Tourism -

The Japanese travel website Jalan uses two adorable cats to promote tourism in the country. Decked out in collars with suitcase labels.

Akira Kurosawa  Seven Samurai poster. And what a great movie it is!

This is a movie poster for my poster design class. It's for Seven Samurai obviously, which is a spectacular movie (if you haven't seen it go do it, do i. Seven Samurai Movie Poster