Alphabet Monster Game. Fun alphabet activity for Preschoolers.

Little Family Fun: Alphabet Monster Game. we may do a number monster to help with a big numbers or a word monster. this is a great idea.

Great activity to increase fine motor and literacy skills -- Using clothespins to spell out words.

Great for spelling, reading, pre writing, letter recognition and fine motor. The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking: Clothes Pin Words,/// Great activity to learn letters of their name

Free Boogle Templates~Because this is in MS Word, you can change the letters - get a whole new game every time!

Free Boggle Templates for your Classroom

Atelier Nomme 10 = 50 Cartes en couleur pour favoriser le vocabulaire des élèves

Atelier Nomme 10 = 50 Cartes en couleur pour favoriser le vocabulaire des élèves

Compréhension de lecture #3 / 6 stratégies pour l'hiver

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Fiche de lecture - lagedeclasse2

Fiche de lecture - this could work for the reading comprehension I am hoping to do with my and

This is a work in progress. I am looking to make French sentence prompts as a literacy center for my grade 2 French Immersion class.%0A%0AI need many more prompts, and I'm unsure if this will really work in the way I intended. I think it would be more valuable to write, "Mes amis jouent..." instead of "Ils jouent..." I'll revisit it at a later date.%0A%0AI'm putting it up in case anyone can make use of it as is.

Freebie of French sentence starters for a writing center. I have students use a dictionary to finish the sentences. They are encourage to write their own sentences with or without the cards.