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See what some of our customers have to say about our Adirondack Chairs.
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a quote from jeanie s manne about chairs
Best Adirondack Chairs and Giant chairs in America
Always love hearing from our happy customers! Thanks Jessica!
a wooden chair sitting in the middle of a garden
Best Adirondack Chairs in America | The Best Adirondack Chair Company
We Love getting news from our past and present customers. This is a note & pic we received from Newton after he refinished his 12-year-old Royal Adirondack Chair: ⠀ "I am pleased to attach a pic of my refinished Adirondack chair. My wife and I are very happy with the result. Thanks again for the new parts. It was well worth it. The chair looks like new." – Newton
several different pictures of wooden chairs and tables in the yard, including an outdoor fire pit
Best Adirondack Chairs and Giant chairs in America
"All the chairs are finished and in place. Looking forward to enjoying these for years to come. Thank you so much for your great products and service. We will be adding to our collection in the spring." Keith & Leigh
a backyard with a pool, deck chairs and an umbrella over the fire pit area
"Your Adirondack chairs and your gorgeous swing are so wonderful, I know it is something many people like and would want to purchase. I have given out three of your brochures already to people specifically asking, "How do I get hold of the guy who does this beautiful work". – Ruth Russell
two people sitting on wooden chairs with a pool in the background
"We received our chairs and they are great! I just wanted you to know that they are everything you said and we are really enjoying them on our patio. This is real quality." – Kristianne and Vanessa
a cat laying on top of a blue chair next to a wooden footstool
a wooden chair sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a white lantern
Best Adirondack Chairs and Giant chairs in America
"I never got a chance to reach out to you so I just wanted to give you some feedback. I purchased one of your chairs to use as my guestbook for my wedding. I got married on June 10, 2017, and the chair was such a huge hit! Everyone absolutely loved the idea...
a wooden guitar chair sitting in the grass under a tree with its back turned to look like it's made out of wood
Custom Adirondack Chair
We were thrilled to make this special custom Guitar Chair with laser-etched details right into the chair.
an outdoor fire pit with chairs around it
Luxury Brazilian Walnut (IPE)
These photos are from a customer who bought our Ipe Royal Adirondack chairs four years ago. This chair is so tough and durable that we will guarantee this unique chair for as long as you live and longer! If any piece ever breaks we will send you a free replacement piece. This guarantee will continue even if you pass this chair to your great grandkids!
an outdoor swing set with swings and benches
Best Adirondack Chairs in America | The Best Adirondack Chair Company
This amazing piece was created with five of our Family Porch Swings and delivered to Saunders Farms in Munster, Ontario.
two adiron chairs sitting in front of a christmas tree with lights on the windows
Folding Royal Adirondack Chair (Large)
"A Special thank you to The Best Adirondack Chair Company for making our Mom and Dad’s Christmas a memorable one. They both loved their new Royal Adirondack chairs." Thank you, Beth and Charles from Illinois
two wooden chairs sitting on top of a porch next to each other in front of trees
Custom Adirondack Chair
We were thrilled to deliver these beautiful handcrafted and personalized Adirondack Chairs to the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Park Campus.
a woman standing in front of a black door on a brick house with two lawn chairs
Folding Royal Adirondack Chair (Large)
Picture taken at customers house Ottawa Ontario. Royal Chairs, ottomans and side table set painted 1 coat primer and 4 coats high gloss black superior quality exterior paint.
an outdoor patio with chairs and a grill
Folding Royal Adirondack Chair (Large)
Mrs. Hawkins was very happy to receive her 4 new Royal Adirondack chairs. "Great addition to my back yard, they are beautiful and well worth the wait thank you!"