Customized Laser Etching

We can add virtually any logo or phrase to customize your #AdirondackChair even more!
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Adirondack Chair with names engraved/etched Home Décor, Chairs, Outdoor, Home, Guestbook, Wedding Guest Book, Outdoor Settings, Adirondack Chair, Married
Custom Adirondack Chair
Custom etched chair created to be used as a wedding guest book. #adirondackchairs #outdoorfurntiure #handcraftedchairs #custometching
Adirondack Chair with names engraved/etched
Best Adirondack Chairs and Giant chairs in America
Custom etched chair created to be used as a wedding guest book. #adirondackchairs #outdoorfurntiure #handcraftedchairs #custometching
a glass of beer sitting on top of a wooden table
Corporate & Hospitality Sales
Low Tide Brewing customers will enjoy a beer and relaxing in handcrafted Adirondack Chairs. #adirondackchairs #outdoorfurniture
a close up of a wooden bench with the name nicola's on it
Corporate & Hospitality Sales
We etched these Adirondack chairs for Hannah Nicole's Bar and they turned out great!
a wooden chair sitting on top of a tile floor
Corporate & Hospitality Sales
Beautiful chair that we added a customized etching with the Tilia logo. #laseretching #commericialfurniture #adirondackchairs #handcraftedfurniture
a dog laying on top of a wooden bench
Custom Adirondack Chair
Chairs for LakeView on the Lake with custom etching. See more here:
a wooden plaque with the emblem of an inciporated company on it's side
Check out the beautiful custom etching we did for the Canadian Kennel Club. @ckc4thedogs⠀ #adirondackchairs #customlaseretching
a wooden guitar chair sitting in the grass under a tree with its back turned to look like it's made out of wood
Custom Adirondack Chair
Special custom Guitar Chair with laser-etched the details right into the chair.
two wooden chairs sitting in the middle of a yard next to a tree and potted plants
Patio Sets
Two of our Royal Adirondack chairs in a beautiful backyard oasis.
a wooden lawn chair sitting on top of a patio
Adirondack Chairs
Local Clients showcasing their new Gliding Recliner Adirondack Chair in our special edition caramel colour.
two adiron chairs sitting in front of a white door on a red house porch
Custom Adirondack Chair
Engrave Your Forever Adirondack chairs with permanent laser etching for that added personal touch!
a small white dog sitting next to a wooden chair
Custom Adirondack Chair
Sebastien loves his personalized Adirondack chair!
two wooden chairs sitting next to each other on a brick floor in a living room
Custom Adirondack Chair
These Classic Adirondack Chairs were custom etched for the Casa Berardi B&B in Pescara, Italy.
a metal bucket sitting on top of a wooden chair next to a green and white sign
Custom Adirondack Chair
Customize your Adirondack Chairs with your own logo and/or text.
a red wooden chair sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a green box
Custom Adirondack Chair
These chairs were customized for Canadian brewing company Moosehead Lager to be used as seating at their various events.