Nigel Barker Enjoying Our Chairs

an outdoor fire pit surrounded by wooden lawn chairs and adironds in the grass
Check out this cozy outdoor space complete with everything one might need. #adirondackchairs #firepit #backyardgoals
two people sitting in chairs next to a fire pit with a dog on their lap
Folding Royal Adirondack Chair (Large)
Nigel Barker and his wife enjoying evenings outside by lounging around a roaring fire. Check out our Adirondack Chairs today!
two wooden chairs sitting on top of a wooden porch next to a stone wall and trees
Folding Royal Adirondack Chair (Large)
Outdoor oasis! #adirondackchair #outdoorfurniture #patiofurniture
a man sitting in a chair next to an open fire pit with his feet up
Folding Royal Adirondack Chair (Large)
Nap time for Nigel Barker.
a wooden chair sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a tall pine tree
Folding Royal Adirondack Chair (Large)
Beautiful view, comfortable chair...what more could you ask for? Get your handcrafted Adirondack chair today!
Folding Royal Adirondack Chair (Large)
Check out this fun video of Nigel Barker unboxing his new Royal Adirondack Chairs!
a man standing next to two adiron chairs in front of an open fire pit
Folding Royal Adirondack Chair (Large)
We are thrilled that Nigel Barker, internationally renowned photographer and judge on the hit TV show, America’s Next Top Model choose to enjoy the great outdoors in our handcrafted Adirondack chairs!