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CYLINDER EX™ and FLUID™ advance exterior lighting utility with precision-engineered adjustable optics, meticulously designed to focus light on critical areas like pathways and challenging installation spots. This functionality not only bolsters safety by illuminating essential zones but also enriches the scenic impact. See the full collection: Families:Cylinder
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The Beta-Calco Linear Collection
Leadership is not always linear, but in this case, it is. The Beta-Calco promise is straightforward; our luminaires set the standard for high-end spaces, and our product availability and follow-through ensure your project performance is as high as the ambition in your designs.
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The Beta-Calco Linear Collection
Luxurious illumination is not possible without the utmost attention to materials. Beta-Calco products are engineered and manufactured with an eye towards outstanding quality. Discover products like Book™, made from 100% PET material, that offer improved versatility, sustainability, and acoustics without compromising on performance or style.
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The Beta-Calco Linear Collection
Endless Opportunities | Endless™ from Beta-Calco performs admirably in high-end spaces, offering new creative possibilities to lighting designers. Populate the entire room with light using rounded corner junctions and Y-shaped connections. Combine closed loop sections with straight runs for truly unforgettable, tailored designs.
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The Beta-Calco Linear Collection
Project success is all about partnership. Beta-Calco is committed to customer service, reducing lead times and increasing our engagement across all parts of the process.
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The Beta-Calco Linear Collection
Increased Capabilities | The comprehensive range of products within the Beta-Calco linear offering includes a solution for nearly any linear lighting need. Specify Boggle™ to outfit areas that require low-glare lighting. With UGR below 9 and a precise 80-degree beam, the product is perfect for your next project.
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The Beta-Calco Linear Collection
Introducing Ooooh™ Quad | Take advantage of Ooooh Quad's advanced features in three standalone sizes. Square sizes include 32” and 56" versions, and a rectangular profile is available at 32" x 56". Larger sizes are available via Systems.
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The Beta-Calco Linear Collection
At Beta-Calco, luxury and linear are synonymous. The Beta-Calco linear product line is hand crafted and built to outfit spaces with top-of-the-line light. Explore product innovations, including Le Louvre’s distinctive, diagonal cross-hatched louver.
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The Beta-Calco Linear Collection
Lighting designers build beauty into the spaces where we live and work, providing the platforms for our brightest ideas and most illuminating actions.
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The Beta-Calco Linear Collection
Specifiers work at the intersection of innovation, function, and art. The atmospheres they curate are built to inspire and perform. Check out the newest innovations from Beta-Calco—including linear products like Spective™—to stimulate your next design.
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The Beta-Calco Linear Collection
Outstanding design requires world-class attention to detail. Engineered to provide higher output and efficacy, Block™ enhances the atmospheres of spaces with three optical lens options and up to 138 lm/W direct and 154 lm/W indirect.
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The Beta-Calco Linear Collection
Let light lead to luxury with enhanced product options from Beta-Calco. Le Louvre™ represents an inspiring new concept in louver technology that provides new aesthetic options to designers, enlightening the industry and disrupting the linear lighting category.
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FLUTE shapeshifts the traditional block form factor into a cutting-edge cyber style. The fluting along the flank emits a side glow that radiates an electrifying detail and provides a lightweight appearance to an already compact form factor. The hourglass contour jacks up profile design with an aerodynamic quality. FLUTE is the optimal complement for tech-age modern design and interiors with intricate detailing.
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Our award-winning OOOOH RING is now available in ceiling mount. OOOOH RING refashions the perennial classic ring with an innovative louver design. An array of ellipses is incurved to the profile adding a subtle aesthetic and creating a sublime lighting effect. The louver system not only tempers the starkness of the commonly exposed diffuser and adds an enchanting decorative feature, but also offers visual comfort by minimizing glare.
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With a lens only 2” in width, BLOCK SLIM is our narrowest recessed linear yet, offering a sleek aesthetic that does not compromise on performance, delivering an industry-leading 135 LPW.