Beth Barr Nevins

Beth Barr Nevins

Beth Barr Nevins
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puff pastry pizza til puffs up & turns golden brown

20 Unexpected Uses For A Muffin Pan To Make Your Life Easier

Baked Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe a dozen eggs (or however many you want) in a mini or regular muffin tin. the oven to then put the eggs in and bake for 30 minutes. from the oven and instantly immerse in cold water for 10 minutes

23 Genius Food Hacks For Kitchen Mastery 3 -

Baked Hard-Cooking Eggs - Who knew? Alton Brown Method of Hard-Cooking Eggs - 325 degrees for 30 minutes. Post says "Baked eggs are better because they are less sulfurous (smelly) and the texture of the finished eggs is creamier.

She Cuts An Old Sock In Half. When She's Done? It's Simply Amazing!

Don't throw your old socks away! Instead, why not turn them into a no-sew sock snowman? All you need is a terry sock, some rice, a pair of scissors, and a few embellishments to give your little snowman some style!