In the performing arts a group of individuals can imitate something they never can do on their own. Think of the shadow dancers who are able to bring the illusion of being an elephant or a plane, just with their cooperating bodies. People can manipulate the form of trees. They can plant them in certain patterns, but controlling the speed of their growth is getting quite difficult. The choreography of the above trees needs a planting scheme ranged over several years.

The same one

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The Shy One by Patricia Van Lubeck

Oil on canvas, 61 x 81 cm Patricia Van Lubeck Why shy? Well, I won’t spend too much words on it. The one living top right is not on the balcony, while the rest of the neighbours is busy text ballooning.

Oil on canvas, 101 x 51 cm (2013)  The famous ones are different from us and more dressed up than us. They seem to be authentic and original. They are born on the right spot and they can reach the furthest corner in the world with their voices, their speeches, their tricks or ideas … Or is it in all of us?

The famous one

Oil paintings made by Patricia Van Lubeck. Artist from the Netherlands living in New Zealand and heading to Australia soon. Exhibiting mainly in the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

The persitent one

The persistent one

"The persistent one" Oil on canvas, 101 x 51 cm. By Patricia Van Lubeck​

Patricia Van Lubeck

The weird one

Oil on canvas, 61 x 81 cm Just like the cheeky one, there is always somebody who’s incongruous. In most cases they can’t help it bein.

oil on canvas, Patricia Van Lubeck

The loyal one

Patricia Van Lubeck

The lost ones

Groups can put up an invisible barrier without knowing it. Firmly clumped together in their own safe mini haven. They are the foreign families in your country.

Artodyssey: Patricia Van Lubeck

Patricia Van Lubeck "The true voyage of discovery is not so much in seeking new landscapes as in having new eyes." Marcel Proust In .