A Traditional Meat Pie Recipe Made With Moose Meat

Moose Tourtière Pie: I was given some moose meat by some friends for my birthday (great friends! Since my birthday falls on December I was just about to make tourtière

Moose Roast – A favourite for our Sunday night Family Dinner

Looking for a family dinner recipe; Moose Roast is mouth-watering and uncomplicated to prepare meal that will have your family hankering for more.

Slow Cooker Moose Roast with Dijon Mustard and Herbs de Province

Slow Cooker Moose Roast with Dijon Mustard and Herbs de Province - pretty yummy

The Best Moose Recipes

Try Moose Roast Dinner! You'll just need Our Roast Moose Dinner, Slow Cooker Moose Roast : Ingredients:, Sirloin Tip Moose Roast pound), 1 whole bulb.

Moose Spaghetti Sauce

A moose spaghetti sauce recipe that will also fit well into the Paleo Lifestyle of the hunter gatherer.

Moose Liver and Onions Recipe

Moose liver and onions is the one meal we look forward to every year at moose camp. It stands to reason that if we are eating liver and onions for dinner.

Moose Piroshkies –Russian Piroshkies are as diverse as the people who cook them.

Very popular in Russia, Piroshkies. in this case Moose Piroshkies are little treats with favourable centers. Serve with borsch hot or cold.

Barbeque a Moose Roast

Have you ever wanted to barbeque a moose roast and still have it be tender? We have, and recently cooked a moose round roast on the barbeque that was so tender

An unusual sighting of two moose playing.

These two moose playing in my yard. Moose come into my yard all the time; I just don't normally get to see them play like this.

Calling Moose

An hunting story of calling moose; learn how the bull moose reacted when we used various moose calling techniques.