Ummm yeah!! Watermelon soaked in tequila and dipped in coarse salt...a margarita you can eat!

Watermelon soaked in tequila, dipped in coarse salt. Its supposed to be like a margarita you can eat! Watermelon soaked in tequila, dipped in coarse salt. Its supposed to be…

mac and cheese w/ spinach muffins  (made on 10/09/11)  followed recipe exactly & not overly impressed with turn-out.  Kind of bland.  Will try jazzing it up a bit next time.

Mac & Cheese Muffins

Ham and cheese crescent roll.  Could also do pepperoni and cheese for a Stromboli, or other combo's. Great for lunches too.

Ham and cheese crescent roll. Crescent rolls, sliced ham or turkey sliced swiss cheese. Easy lunch on a cold day.

strawberry nutella poptarts

~ Strawberry Nutella Poptarts recipe ~ These are ridiculously easy to make! I love strawberry poptarts! I'm not sure what nutella is but l looks like I'm going to find out.


Foot Print Butterfly cute for kids! Did this for my mom for her birthday with all of the kids footprints. I drew the bodies of the butterflies.

Quinoa Patties

Little Quinoa Patties

Little quinoa patties. I riffed off of this tonight and made some yummy little burgers. Instead of bread crumbs, I wizzed up some Natures Path rice crispies in the food processor to act as my starchy binder. Turned out yummy!

Angry birds lunch

Angry Birds Sandwiches for the Lunch Box - hee! TheBoy loves bagels, salami, and AngryBirds. I suspect he is many years too old to have me put this in his lunch box, but maybe for lunch sometime this summer.

Kid Sushi:  2 slices Turkey;   2 strips Swiss Cheese; 2 slices Bread; 1 teaspoon ranch dressing; 1 tablespoon thinly shredded carrots; 2 sweet baby pickles    Method  Place two slices of white bread with the crusts cut off on a flat surface side-by-side. Using a rolling pin, or glass, gently flatten and fuse the bread slices together. Spread the ranch dressing over the inside middle of the flat bread slices. Place two slices of the ham on top of the ranch dressing. Place the shredded carrots…

This mock 'sushi' recipe calls for sandwich ingredients such as deli meat, cheese, and pickles. By skipping the raw fish and keeping the fun sushi shape, you can make a fun and different lunch for your kids (and one they'll actually eat!

hot dogs

'Heart' hot dogs, cheese, spaghetti snacks for kids.maybe not the healthiest of snack options but certainly cute for kids who love hot dogs this Valentine's Day.