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an exterior view of a modern house with plants in the foreground and steps leading up to it
Modern Home with Expansive Balcony
a garden with lots of green grass and trees in the background at night, lit up by lights
the grass is growing on the side of the building
the walkway is lined with artificial grass and lit up by led lights on either side
How To Make Beautiful Landscaping Design Ideas
a lawn with stepping steps leading to a swimming pool
Schrittplatten im Gras verlegt: Der Trend des Jahres! Man langt gemütlich von Terrasse zum Pool, barfuß auch, zum Beispiel über das Gras in den Zwischenräumen. Eine tolle Weggestaltung, die maximalen Platz für die Natur lässt! #design #rinnbeton #gartengestaltung
a modern house with a pool in the front yard and grass on the other side
an outdoor fireplace surrounded by trees and bushes
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Tenniswood Inspiration — More inspiration at
a large house with two garages on the side
Driveway Landscaping
This driveway design is inspired by our Industria Smooth paver. Industria Smooth paver has a sleek and smooth texture making it the perfect choice for any modern style project. This paver is de-icing salt resistant. Check out our website to shop the look! Or, check out the estimation tool on our website to shop the look!
an outdoor fire pit surrounded by trees and grass
60 Nifty Randoms to Enjoy in Your Free Time