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the book cover for my day with the panye by tani charles, sara palatos
My Day with the Panye
In the hills above Port-au-Prince, a young girl named Fallon wants more than anything to carry a large woven basket to the market, just like her Manman. As she watches her mother wrap her hair in a mouchwa, Fallon tries to twist her own braids into a scarf and balance the empty panye atop her head, but realizes it's much harder than she thought. By Tami Charles
the secret fawn book cover
The Secret Fawn
A little girl is always missing out on the wonderful things her family gets to see and do, just because she is the youngest and littlest. She misses seeing shooting stars because she goes to bed too early; she can't pick the first apple of autumn because she's too short and, this morning, everyone else got to see a deer--except her. She goes into her backyard in search of the deer, a sugar cube tucked in her pocket. She sees a flick of brown in the orchard--is that the deer?
the book cover for under the blanket sky with a boy looking at an animal on a chair
Under the Blanket Sky
A young boy is visited by a mysterious owl, who spends a long summer as his cherished companion before having to leave when the seasons change. By Tim Fischer
the book cover shows an image of two children holding hands and walking a dog on a leash
The Lost Package
A tour of the busy work that takes place at post offices is depicted through the journey of a lost package that receives a little help reaching its destination, proving that distance cannot keep loved ones apart. By Richard Ho
an illustration of a skunk on a string in front of a cityscape
Skunk on a String
We meet a skunk who has been tied to the tail of a balloon. Try as he might, the persistent critter can’t get anyone to untie him. He is shooed and swatted through a bustling parade, past the windowpanes of the city’s apartment buildings with their diverse, busy inhabitants, then up to the construction cranes high above the city. When he finally unties himself, the skunk misses the aerial life — so he comes up with an inspired way to fly again.
the red jacket by bob hort, illustrated by john o'grady and illustrated by david
The Red Jacket
Bob loves his red jacket. The red jacket makes him feel swanky cool. The red jacket makes other seagulls notice him and even speak to him. But when a wave washes it away, will Bob lose his cool and his newfound friends, too? By Bob Holt
the book cover for science the snail without a shell
Serge, the Snail Without a Shell
Serge was a snail without a shell. His mum and his dad were shell-less as well. "You're no more than a SLUG!" the snails at school taunted. Serge is not like the snails at school. They call him a horrible name--slug--and even though that's entirely what he is, he wishes for a shell of his own. Feeling like an outcast, Serge sets off on a solo adventure in search of the elusive shell that will make a perfect home and make him just like everybody else.
the boy who tried poop by alesandraa regena and gullierne karteren
The Boy Who Cried Poop!
A laugh-out-loud story with heart, based on true events about one boy's trip to the loo and learning that everyone has accidents sometimes. By Alessandra Requena & Guilherme Karsten
a book with an image of dinosaurs and sharks
A Unicorn, a Dinosaur, and a Shark Walk into a Book
While the narrator insists that the characters are in the best book ever, they are all less than impressed, and won't cooperate with the storyteller's cues. Can the narrator find a way to convince them to stick around, or will the creatures choose to skedaddle off the page? By Jonathan Fenske
the book cover for our dragon by linda devitch, featuring an alligator on a table
Our Dragon
What are two parents to do when their beloved little dragon keeps breathing fire all over the house?
A family honors their living and dead relatives as they celebrate the Day of the Dead with shared food and stories. Day Of The Dead, Family Gathering, Dia De Muertos, Dia De Los Muertos, Family, Sweetest Day
Our Day of the Dead Celebration
A family honors their living and dead relatives as they celebrate the Day of the Dead with shared food and stories.
there is a book cover with two bears and a fish in the water, one bear looking at another bear
No No, Baby!
An enthusiastic baby squirrel and some grumpy forest friends collide in this sweet and funny picture book from Geisel Award Honoree Anne Hunter.
an illustrated book cover for the night market rescue with children and dogs looking at lanterns
Night Market Rescue
While resting on a stoop, GoGo smells something sweet and spicy on the breeze. It leads him to a place he's never been--a bustling night market where vendors sell delicious treats. As he wanders, sniffing for scraps, GoGo discovers something else as well: a little girl who has gotten separated from her parents. He knows he can help and guides her through the market--to where her worried parents wait for her--with open arms for their daughter and GoGo, their new pet.
the book cover for my very favorite book in the whole world
My Very Favorite Book in the Whole Wide World
Henley hates to read, so his homework assignment to bring in his favorite book seems an impossible challenge--until his mother shows him a box of books he made himself when he was younger.
a man with a bird on his head and the words, my dad is a tree
My Dad Is a Tree
It's easy to be a tree. Just pretend your arms are branches, your body is a trunk, and your legs are roots. Don't move, even if a bird makes a nest on your head, a squirrel hides an acorn in your pocket, and a spider builds a web under your arm. It's OK: Trees don't mind those things. Or so says the little girl who persuades her father to be a tree all day long, no matter what, even in the rain!.