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World Doula Week Series: WHEN Should I Find My Doula?

When do you start your search for a doula? When you see those two pink lines? Once the morning sickness starts? At the halfway point? After developing a birth plan? Once the contractions begin?

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World Doula Week Series: WHERE is a Doula Willing to Work?

This question has quite a simple answer… …a doula is willing to work wherever you intend to give birth!

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World Doula Week Series: HOW Will a Doula Fit My Birth?

|Unmedicated|Medicated| |Cesarean|Vaginal| -How will my doula support ME?- |Home|Hospital| |Induced|Spontaneous|

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World Doula Week Series: WHY Would I Use a Doula?

What are the benefits of using a doula? Why would someone pay to have support during labour, when you could use a friend or family member for free? These are excellent questions. And we can answer …

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World Doula Week Series: WHAT is a Doula?

What is a doula? Are they like midwives? Do they deliver babies? Are they birth activists? Are they the same as a prenatal massage therapist? Are they predominantly spiritual people? Do they all h…

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World Doula Week Series: WHO is the Big Rock Doula?

Hello everyone! And Happy Spring to you all! I thought I’d kick off this World Doula Week blog series by tackling the most obvious and personal question first… Who is the Big Rock Doula…

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Pain without Suffering: A Doula’s Role

Pain in childbirth is a controversial subject. Depending on the birthing philosophy you adhere to, you may believe that labour pain is inevitable but manageable, that it will be overwhelming, or pe…

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Setting the Mood in Early Labour and Beyond

The same energy that got the baby in will get the baby out -Midwifery Saying

Pregnant in the Foothills: Top 10 Outdoor Activities Fun Outdoor Activities, Doula, Pregnancy, Hipster, Spring Summer, Thoughts, Hipsters, Pregnancy Planning Resources, Hipster Outfits

Pregnant in the Foothills: Top 10 Outdoor Activities

It’s warming up out there! We can always dream that these above zero temperatures are here to stay. But, until they are, get out your calendars and start planning your Spring/Summer pregnancy…

Manifesting love and support in the midst of mommy wars. Doula, Bring It On, Thoughts, Outdoor, Outdoors, Outdoor Games, The Great Outdoors, Ideas

Shifting Tones: Bringing Support and Acceptance to a World of Opposition

We’ve all felt it… The nagging feeling that something in our life is not quite right. We don’t measure up to the picture we have in our minds of a ‘mother’, ‘wife’, …

Building boundaries that others will respect, while maintaining positive relationships with those around you. Lack Of Communication, Doula, Things To Know, Garden Bridge, Respect, Relationships, Outdoor Structures, Thoughts, Healthy

Setting Healthy Boundaries – Part 3 of 3: Building Your Boundaries

Over the past few weeks, we have navigated the ins and outs of finding your boundaries during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. But, it is one thing to know and understand your own boundaries and a…

Finding your boundaries during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Setting Boundaries, Doula, Birth, Pregnancy, Finding Yourself, Thoughts, Being A Mom, Pregnancy Planning Resources, Conceiving

Setting Healthy Boundaries – Part 2 of 3: Finding Your Boundaries

Finding your boundaries can, at times, be the most difficult aspect of setting boundaries. It is important to search your feelings, find your comfort zone, and discuss all that you discover openly …

Learn how setting boundaries with yourself and others can help you to have a more gratifying pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. Setting Boundaries, Pregnant Mother, Baby Tips, Doula, Birth, Period, Pregnancy, Thoughts, Being A Mom

Setting Healthy Boundaries – Part 1 of 3

What if I told you that I knew the secret to gaining and maintaining a gratifying pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period?

Dealing with prodromal labour. It is *not* false labour! Early Stages Of Labour, Doula, Birth, Clock, Thoughts, Baby, Watch, Being A Mom, Clocks

Prodromal Labour…

Firstly, and most importantly, it needs to be said… Prodromal labour is not false labour. There is nothing false about the contractions, loose hips, increasing pelvic pressure, possible nause…

Guided relaxation to encourage opening during childbirth - physical, emotionally, and spiritually. Guided Relaxation, Doula, Thoughts, Ideas

Open, Open, Open…

Mind Spirit Body

Top 5 New Baby Essentials Doula, Baby Essentials, New Baby Products, Thoughts, Layette, Ideas

Top 5 New Baby Essentials

So, it’s Black Friday. A day of sales and excess and buy it now or regret it later. It is so easy to be led to believe that we need more and more and more – it all makes our lives simpl…