Turquoise Collier ouvert  Alu turquoise par LesBijouxLibellule

JEWELRY , Turquoise necklace - turquoise jewelry - open collar necklace - Alu wire necklace - Wire wrapped - Statement necklace

Fuchsia and black necklace, Fuchsia and blackjewelry, Open collar necklace, Alu wire necklace -Metal wire jewelry, Flower necklace

Ensemble de bijoux de turquoise collier et par LesBijouxLibellule, $25.00

Blue and green necklace, Green and blue jewelry, Bohemian jewelry, Boho necklace, long necklace - Teal and lime necklace - Modern necklace


Here is a special long necklace made with Indonesia handmade resin beads, metal rings, metal pieces and metal chain. Its red and yellow colors will liven up your wardrobe. One-of-a-kind modern neckl

Orange and red long necklace - Modern long necklace

Here is an unique long necklace, modern, funcky and asymmetrical style. Its hot colors will liven up your wardrobe.

Long asymmetrical necklace - Orange and fuchsia long necklace

Unique jewelry - Orange and fuchsia necklace - Asymmetrical necklace, Long necklace, funky necklace, funcky necklace, unique jewelry

Summer trend bracelet - Modern bracelet

Here is an unique asymmetrical bracelet. It's modern and funcky. It will liven up your clothes.