INFRASTRUCTURE: Richmond and Adelaide being prepped for new bikelanes

Richmond and Adelaide are coming! I'm gonna make some special trips down there to be able to ride them. Curb lanes on Richmond and Adelaide have been ground

NEWS: Bay Street gets a bikelane! (for one miserable block)

Need to go north or south in the downtown core? Wanna do it safely? Want to do it in a bikelane, even a painted one, which atleast carves out some

FUTURE? The rise of the e-bike

Can you relate? It Goes So Fast (Not a Parenting Essay).

NEWS: Plans to shift Toronto’s bicycle strategy into high gear in the works

After years of backpedalling, Ontario is getting back on the path to creating a province-wide cycling network. And in Toronto, where critics point out the

NEWS: New bike lanes appear on Simcoe, confusion reigns

Look at these self-entitled motorists. New painted bike lanes started to appear on Simcoe Street this week, but it seemed

INFRASTRUCTURE: Cyclists eager to extend trips downtown on the West Toronto Railpath

Avoiding soreness isn’t just a matter of getting fitter, which takes weeks or months. You can dramatically change your susceptibility to soreness with just a single bout of exercise – and it doesn’t have to be extreme

INFRASTRUCTURE: Simcoe to be first street with car parking protecting a bikelane.

Looking good Simcoe. Please, let's have lots of flex-bollards or planters along that double-line to keep cars from parking in that bikelane. Simcoe will be

NEWS: Toronto takes stronger action to target illegal bike lane parking

Toronto’s parking enforcers are looking to put a stop to illegal bike lane parking once and for all. As the city installs new downtown bike lanes in a year

NEWS: Canada Post driver parks in bikelane, tells cyclist recording it to "go f--k yourself!"

NEWS: Canada Post driver parks in bikelane, tells cyclist recording it to “go f–k yourself!

WANTED: Models for Cycle Toronto / Toronto Public Health Campaign

Via CycleToronto: We're looking for cyclists to star in a streetcar ad campaign about cycling in the city! We'll be running streetcar ads in September to

NEWS: U of T team aims to create world’s fastest bike

A University of Toronto team behind an award-winning human-powered helicopter and the first wing-flapping plane are setting their sights on a new record by