formative assessment

CLASSROOM ASSESSMENT: Quick & Easy Formative Assessment: It is better to Copy/Paste/Print from this pin since this document is much smaller in the post.

This is an excerpt from Ontario Social Studies and the Inquiry Process, Grades 1-8 - This document is based on the 2013 revised Ontario S.S. curriculum for grades 1-8 and contains over 100 pages of suggestions for split grades, creating Learning goals, applying Growing Success' Assessment for, as and of learning, organizing yourself through the use of technology, and success criteria for the inquiry-based rich task. Organizers applicable for grades 1-8. TPT $

Ontario Social Studies and the Inquiry Process, Gr. 1-8

Keep your students accountable for their reading by making them compare the book and the movie.  Assignment Includes: -Reading, Writing, Oral and Media Assignments/Assessments -Book vs. Movie Suggestion List -4 different assessment rubrics and/or success criteria -6 different graphic organizers to help with comprehension during reading of the novel (Questioning, Making Connections, Plot, Characters) -1 graphic organizer to help with comparing the book to the movie (Compare and Contrast)($)

Book Versus Movie Comparison Analysis Project