CHILL - The Annual Winter Group Exhibition at Froelick Gallery, Portland WA. USA / DECEMBER 16, 2014 - JANUARY 31 2015 / Just displaying D-25.Jan.2013 Emittung Blue  42x28cm  pen drawing on Gampi  林孝彦 HAYASHI Takahiko

Takahiko Hayashi takahikohayashi: “ Showing now / Emitting Blue, 2013 Drawing Ink on Gampi paper x 11 in. CHILL -The Annual Winter Group Exhibition at Froelick Gallery, Portland.

Take note Pinheads ~ Like this suspended wood stove...This board is also being suspended until further notice, due to the overwhelming amount of advertisements, rather than interesting daily news like there used to be, back in the day when Pinterest didn't sell ad space. The wood stove above is from some advertiser called Bathyscafocus Oblo' Collection by Focus.

Well if you are looking for one then checkout this 15 Gorgeous Freestanding Suspended Fireplace Design Ideas and get inspired.