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EMDR Therapy - An integrative psychotherapy approach used for the treatment of trauma. Trauma Therapy, Therapy Tools, Healthy Relationships, Relationship Tips, Marriage Tips, Communication Relationship, Relation D Aide, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Complex Ptsd

How PTSD Disrupts Relationships – Part 2 – 50 Ways PTSD Undermines Intimate Relationships – The Art of Healing Trauma

In How PTSD Disrupts Relationships - Part 1- The Relationship Foundation we looked at some ways PTSD may affect the foundation, the basement and floor, of a relationship. Now I want to look more at how PTSD affects the "relationship house" that two people build on the foundation. The relationship house consists of the day-to-day…

Psychology infographic and charts Psychology : How PTSD Disrupts Relationships Part 3 Come Close To Me! Get Away… Infographic Description Psychology : How PTSD Disrupts Relationships Part 3 Come Close To Me! Trauma Therapy, Therapy Tools, Therapy Ideas, Ptsd Awareness, Mental Health Awareness, Complex Ptsd, Family Therapy, Stress Disorders, Mental Disorders

How PTSD Disrupts Relationships – Part 3 – “Come Close To Me! Get Away From Me!” Push-Pull Dynamic – The Art of Healing Trauma

Things have been changing very fast ever since I found a Somatic Experiencing Therapist. When I began SE therapy on October 23 (2014), I was trying to unravel 22 triggers causing me to feel fear in relation to my boyfriend (sorry boyfriend). By doing SE therapy, I was able to reduce the 22 triggers by…

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapy treatment. EMDR is designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories. EMDR is starting to gain popularity. Healthy Relationship Tips, Healthy Relationships, Relationship Advice, Relationship Building, Abusive Relationship, Relationship Problems, What Is Mental Health, Ptsd Awareness, Health Cleanse

How PTSD Disrupts Relationships – Part 1 – The Relationship Foundation – The Art of Healing Trauma

Do you remember when you were little and you first met a friend? Maybe your best friend? I remember just knowing that this person was good, and just knowing we would be best buds. I didn't feel afraid of them. I wasn't terrified that maybe affection or kindness from them secretly meant they were going…

Trauma and overwhelming stress contribute to many challenges that we experience in life. Notice when you are experiencing a trauma-related response. Mental And Emotional Health, Emotional Abuse, Mental Health Awareness, Mental Illness Help, Emotional Awareness, Ptsd Awareness, Emotional Healing, Trauma Therapy, Mental Therapy

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