Town Castle Kr.,1932 Paul Klee

PaulKlee - I think this painting is cool because he formed a city by putting a bunch of lines together. Mohammed N. What types of lines did he use to create this city effect?

Norval Morriseau "Man Changing into Thunderbird"

Norval Morriseau "Man Changing into Thunderbird"Norval Morriseau (Copper Thunderbird) Grand Shaman of the Ojibwa Nation Founder of the Woodlands School of Canadian art and was an important member of the “Indian Group of Seven


The goddess Kali with a garland of human heads / Indian matchbox label

Maske  by Phyllis Galembo

masquerading to access the Collective Unconscious (Phyllis Galembo, Abora Traditional Masquerade, Cross River, Nigeria,

Loup art primitif

The Squirrel ayukws (crest) on this chief’s headdress belonged to George Tait of Laxgalts’ap. The hide on the lower part of the hat was originally covered in fur.