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#Homestuck - John, Rose, Dave, and Jade.

ikimaru: "well I believe it all is coming to an end, oh well I guess we’re gonna pretend, let’s see how far we’ve come!

Something tells me Vriska was the spider...<< yeah I was waiting for Vriska to just be like "hey" and then laugh in their faces

"Something tells me Vriska was the spider." I was gonna say that and typical Dave I think.

homestuck John Egbert my cosplay homestuck cosplay dad egbert bro slimshady strider we nerds

homestuck Dave Strider John Egbert cosplay homestuck cosplay jake english kanaya maryam bro strider zombiestuck stridercest Dirk Strider aschs cosplay night vale cecilos magicalemmy night vale cosplay haha wow that zombie jake one is old

Homestuck Troll Horn TUTORIAL

"Homestuck Troll Horn TUTORIAL--This is going to be useful in cosplays!" This will definitely be needed for my future Damara cosplay! I hope these work with her horns.