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Who Are These People? - So I Was Thinking

For three days, maybe more, I have woken with this story/ poem. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be. Time and life seemed to prevent me from starting it or maybe the story just wasn’t ready to be told.

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Exploring the First Snow Fall With Brandy - So I Was Thinking

Silence, standing in the middle of the forest that just a hand full of weeks ago, was green, is now silent. Fresh snow has fallen on the trees and grass, it is calming, a feeling of isolation yet security. Deep in the trees a bird sings, breaking the quiet of the forest and telling us […]

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In Another Life - So I Was Thinking

A few years a go, an accident left me with a brain injury. I now have daily challenges with balance, vision, memory, fatigue, cognitive processing, depression and anxiety. Living with these challenges is difficult, they cause limitations on abilities and slow down activities. Yesterday my daughter drove me to the grocery store, since my accident […]

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The Guilt of Surviving Suicide

My first blog comes on the anniversary week 1996 of my mother’s passing. Terri was one tough lady. Always spoke her mind. She was a small town girl from Swan River Mb. She spent time in foster homes. She married young, had three wonderful boys ( and the grey hair to prove it ). Divorced, worked slinging beer at a biker bar, got her G.E.D. and completed a secretary course at the community college. She loved sports, competed in archery, played baseball, curled and bowled. She followed hockey…

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Living In A Small Town - So I Was Thinking

Living in a Small Town From 1962 to 1971 we lived in six small towns. I was born in one in northern Manitoba. Saint Jean Baptiste was the last town before we moved to the big city, it’s the one I remember the best for some reason. I have flashes of the others, but there […]

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🏐🏉🥊🏀 Sports Fan 🏒⚽️🏈⚾️ - So I Was Thinking

Sports Fans When does it start, this life long commitment to the sports world, as kids I guess for most of us. We are drawn in by our friends and family, we start cheering for the Home town team and then latch on to that one player. That player that has all the right moves, […]

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So I Was Thinking - This is a collection of my thoughts, questions, ideas and what I have seen. These are my opinions and experiences. In 2017 I experienced a head injury that has given me concussion like symptoms, one is memory loss, that is one of the drivers for this blog, to record what I may not remember later. Your feedback and open discussion is always welcome. Haters will always be mocked. Thank you to Lisa for your editing. Illustrations by Sydnee.

author, storyteller and photographer. Sharing my stories and my photography.

We made new friends, we made life long friends and we buried friends too soon. Make New Friends, Bury, Creative Writing, Small Towns, Short Stories, Storytelling, The Neighbourhood, Poems, Writer

Trailer Park Kids - So I Was Thinking

Trailer Park Kids As a family we moved a lot, in fact we lived in six small towns before I was ten. We then moved to the big city of Winnipeg and even being there didn’t allow us to grow roots that took. We lived in four more homes in different neighbourhoods from grade four […]

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A Child Never Held - So I Was Thinking

We have been blessed with two amazing children. Our son now twenty, we adopted and he came to us when he was three days old. Our daughter we gave birth to four and a half years later, she will be sixteen this year. We couldn’t be happier with how things have worked out for us […]

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Labels - So I Was Thinking

Acknowledging and labeling our identity is a hot topic today. Somehow we need to know what sex or absence of sex we are, who we have or don’t have sex with, what mental state we are in or what physical ability we have or don’t have, what religion we are or what color our skin […]

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Unplugged - So I Was Thinking

Unplugging from the net and social media for just a little while, can give you an opportunity to reconnect with life. I have recently had knee surgery and have been working on my recovery. One activity I do is a morning walk with my senior black lab. We find parks with forested areas and trails […]

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Jupiter - So I Was Thinking

Jupiter Imagine you are four years old and you are told that you were adopted. You have autism and no one knows yet. You have above average problem solving capabilities. You know who your birth mother is and you have met many of your birth family. This is how our son rationalized his situation: He […]

Protecting Princess - So I Was Thinking Creative Writing, Short Stories, Storytelling, Poems, Shed, Father, Daughter, Parenting, Teaching

Protecting Princess - So I Was Thinking

Protecting Princess It’s ten O’Clock and you are sitting in the back yard with your dog and you hear a noise. It’s the shed door caught in the breeze banging against the side of the shed. You run in the house to tell me about the door. I asked if you closed it? You said […]

Key Chain For many years I carried several key chains. The one for work had keys for padlocks, keys to access doors, it even had keys to acc Brain Injury Awareness, Traumatic Brain Injury, Winter Fun, Creative Writing, Key Chain, Storytelling, Author, Keys, Mental Health

Key Chain - So I Was Thinking

Key Chain For many years I carried several key chains. The one for work had keys for padlocks, keys to access doors, it even had keys to access boxes that have keys in them. I had my van keys and my remote starter with security. I also had a key chain with my house keys. […]

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Tom - So I Was Thinking

Tom It was one of those perfect fall September days, the sun was warm, the trees were turning, they had become that copper gold colour. It was one of those days you wanted to drive with the windows open and the radio up. I was driving passed the college when a car pulled out in […]

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Walking A Mile In My Shoes - So I Was Thinking

Walk A Mile In My Shoes I saw a meme recently that said “ Never mind ‘walkin a mile in my shoes’…Try spending a day in my head.”. It made me think how would I describe what it’s like in mine with a traumatic brain injury. Let’s see, you would wake up early around 5:30 […]