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Love at first site...

Introducing thegoodgoodsblog.com! A health-centric inspired blog carefully curated for good looks, good advice, good food, and good health.

Got Milked - The Truth About Dairy Milk Healthy Choices, Dairy, Milk, Good Things

Got Milked - The Truth About Dairy Milk

For the little people in my life, Rachel and Matthew - I hope to inspire you to make healthier choices for yourself xo Photo Credit: @thepressery Our relationship with milk is unhealthy. Milk does not do a body good. We rely on what our parents, and educational institutions teach us

Photo : Helmut Newton - dramatic female portrait photo with the mesmerizing endless beauty of the female shoulders - skin you can feel touch Jewelry Photography, Portrait Photography, Fashion Photography, Makeup Photography, Helmut Newton, Terry Richardson, Foto Glamour, Fotografie Portraits, Black And White Portraits

Mental Health + The Modern Apothecary

"The nutrients we consume, as part of our diet, are critical for brain structure and function. And, as a result they have a profound impact on our mental health. Research literature suggests dietary improvement and nutritional interventions help reduce risk, and even arrest the progress

Vogue chats to a white witch on what it really means to practice witchcraft… Jewelry Shop, Fine Jewelry, Gem Hunt, White Witch, Layered Jewelry, Crystal Gifts, Rose Quartz Crystal, Rock Candy, Blue Moon

Rock Candy

I'm a rational person with a fiercely strong analytical mind, and a strong academic background in Medical Sciences. I am also a crystal convert. Although there is no basis in science, I believe in the healing power of these pretty pieces from our earth. I don't believe that science and spiri

Lime + Sea Salt Drink Recipe: Glass of Filtered Water [room temp.] Freshly Squeezed Limes [or lemon] Tsp Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Why You Should Make This Drink Your Morning Routine: Pink Himalayan sea salt is good for the adrenal glands - which regulates Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Lime, Fruit, Drinks, Instagram Posts, Drinking, Limes, Beverages, Drink

Morning Lime + Sea Salt Drink

Lime + Sea Salt Drink Recipe: Glass of Filtered Water [room temp.] 1-2 Freshly Squeezed Limes [or 1/2 lemon] 1/4 Tsp Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Why You Should Make This Drink Your Morning Routine: 1. Pink Himalayan sea salt is good for the adrenal glands - which regulates

Faster, Better, Smarter Fast Good, Successful People, No Time For Me, Wellness, Good Things

Faster, Better, Smarter

I best manage my time professionally and personally with a Friday afternoon ritual. I believe the most successful people tend to adhere to routines in general - so a short To-Do list on a Friday afternoon makes most sense to me to plan and execute a successful upcoming week. My Friday Afte

The 7 Steps Of Beauty Whole Food Recipes, Beauty, Women, Fashion, Moda, Fashion Styles, Beauty Illustration, Fashion Illustrations, Woman

The 7 Steps Of Beauty

My Top 7 To-Do's That Never Fail To Give me Gorgeous! Photo Credit: @bluskyfoto71 1. It's nine hours of sleep every night 2. It's eating the right foods [organic, local, plant-focused, whole foods], and avoiding sugar, dairy, grains, and processed foods 3. It's drinking water all day l

Instant Gratification Edition Hotel, Pilates Studio, Nyc, Wellness, New York

Instant Gratification

How-To: Easy Peasy Ways To Include Wellness In Your Life "Neglecting Your Well-being Is One Thing You Cannot Afford" Weekend escape NYC, Edition Hotel 1. Move it. Source out a trendy local yoga, spin, or pilates studio for a new member introductory rate. Studio hop, or try Cl

Face Time Compliments, Long Hair Styles, Face, Beauty, Long Hairstyle, The Face, Long Haircuts, Long Hair Cuts, Faces

Face Time

How-To: Your Guide To Twenty-Something Skin For the last two decades I've heard endless compliments on my skin. My age is a guessing game to this day. I've always cared to learn about, and respect my body. With a medical science degree, years of a stellar diet, and due diligence on skin

Required Reading Physics, Life Is Good, Spirituality, Author, Wellness, Good Things, Reading, Health, Health Care

Required Reading

“The good life is no longer just about the material - instead, it can be found in a lifestyle that is devoted to mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health”- Jason Wachob, author of WELLTH. He talks about 13 building blocks to ‘wellth’ which he defines as a life exemplified by

From Where I Stand From Where I Stand, Experiential, Traveling By Yourself, Photo Wall, Frame, Picture Frame, Photograph, Frames

From Where I Stand

There's something very special about having a piece of art in your home of your travels. It is true that experiential pursuits rather than material goods will provide you with lasting happiness. However, I can assure you that having a photograph, or a special piece in your home that evokes fon

Black Is Back Nespresso, Make It Yourself, Black, Black People

Black Is Back

Over the centuries there have been many mixed signals - but scientists are now consistent with their findings that coffee isn't just getting you through your day - it's making you live longer. Coffee is rich in antioxidants, boosts athletic performance, and has a long list of health benefit

Food Rules Nutrition, Messages, Eat, Food, Essen, Meals, Text Posts, Yemek, Eten

Food Rules

Eating should be, and can be quite simple. It shouldn't be complicated. Most of us are confused and left feeling directionless by the plethora of mixed messages, health claims, and conflicting nutritional advice. Nutrition science is still fairly young. Processed foods, which dominate the