Meanwhile in Canada I laugh, but every time someone bumps into me this plays out. Or if I am the one bumping, sorry.

Meanwhile in Canada---I'm Canadian, this is to true, I apologize like 15 times when I bump into someone

Canadian Problem #14: We will never truly accept the new Hockey Night in Canada song.

*sigh* And I can't get the "real" Hockey Night in Canada ring tone -- thanks Telus for being such a douche.

Canadian Problem. Especially after a Tim's run.

Ya da and if they win i win cause it's my money that bought you that free donut

April means ice cream, no matter what! Well yeah, April snows aren't cold! Perfect ice cream weather.

April means ice cream, no matter what…

Do you like to eat ice-cream sitting in your favorite in winter? Do you tremendous joy from snowflakes that touch your eyelashes? Tell about your during winter outings with ice-cream.

Canadian Geese are evil evil beings in ontario toronto and around the country

This is real.

this is not an exaggeration. during the Olympics the whole school gathers for the games, more than once. I remember in math class i show up and its the canadian hockey team finals and we were all cool with watching the hockey game instead of doing math