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Vintage Record Coasters

These coasters pay homage to the great history of vinyl albums and the music they represent. Each coaster is made from the centre of a reclaimed vinyl record -

Set Of Four Tea Glasses

Set Of Four Tea Glasses

Das Horn Drinking Vessel

Conquer your thirst with this bold horn-shaped drinking vessel. For the occasion, when any other type of glass or cup will not be up to the task of slaying your

Pencil Keepsake Box

Keep your precious items in this pencil decorated box. The box adds colour and whimsy to your shelf, while keeping your little stuff well organized and out of s

Chai Lovers Tea Set

We know that you are a unique breed and that your morning Chai experience sets the tone for your entire day. That's why we are happy to offe

The Plant Nanny

Have a reputation for not being able to keep your house plants alive? Or have a friend who is moving out for the first time and can barely take care of themselv

Stemless Leaf Glasses Set/2

Botanical leaf stemless wine glass with a tropical feel.

Bodum Travel Coffee Press Mug

Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press Coffee and Tea Mug, Black

Tea Zinger Black

Now you can create your own perfect tea blends by combining your favorite teas with fresh flavors. The Tea Zinger is ideal for steeping teas, hot or iced, and i

Diner Style French Fry Server

This diner styles french fry server sits on a sturdy stainless frame.

Toothpick Pickle Appetizer Tray

Serving sour or sweet, this appetizer tray will intrigue your guests and make a unique statement.

Mens 5 pc Argyle Socks

Every man has a few pairs of socks with holes in them. Time for an upgrade!

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It’s cold and the days are short, but we still have to eat, right? Barbeque season doesn’t have to end with the snow. Firing it up during the winter is doable w

Barbeque season doesn’t have to end with the snow. Firing it up during the winter is doable w