deluxe backyard by Peter Dunham

The Flea Market Guide

An eight-foot antique Dalle de Bourgogne stone table hosts the outdoor buffet at this Los Angeles home. Peter Dunham designed the neoclassical iron furniture by the flames, but an enormous banquette branches out from the hearth too.

If you have room for a long dining table, add a built-in banquet to serve as seating plus extra hidden storage bays.

16 Ways to Customize Your Deck

These easy upgrades will help you create a more attractive and usable backyard deck!

Give each guest their own spot on the grill.

JAG Grill is a luxury Grill (Grill / Fire-Pit / Table). It has 8 individual grilling and wooden surfaces to allow everyone to prepare their own meal and eat together while sharing stories and creating memories!

Great outdoor space

Beautiful Deck - I like the composite wood color, railing and planters. I would love to expand my deck and give it personality! make it a great area for entertaining, cooking, bar area and making great memories!