Bobbi-Jo Friedel

Bobbi-Jo Friedel

Bobbi-Jo Friedel
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Chocolate chip and M&M cookie dough 9/9/16. Excellent Liz

Have you had these cookie dough bars? No bake desserts ROCK and these are at the top of my go-to dessert list now - absolutely delicious and a huge hit at dinner club!

rollo stuffed sugar cookies. These just made my Christmas baking list! - Click image to find more Food & Drink Pinterest pins

ROLO STUFFED SNICKERDOODLES- a little too sweet but the snickerdoodle recipe link on this site is amazing. I made one batch of the cookie recipe and it made 4 dozen cookies half of which were rolo stuffed the other half plain snickerdoodles.

Money Pad Gift card -You will need Padding Compound to make your notepad.  This can be purcased at office stores and may be a bit difficult to find.  Follow the directions on the bottle.  You will need a clean, dry paint brush to use this product.

Money Pad for Graduate. Stack the money to square on all edges and align with the chipboard. The graduate just can't wait to receive bills in this stunning money pad. It stands for wealth as well as honor for the great graduation celebration.

Detox Bath to rid your body of toxins. Great for when you have a cold or flu. We felt ALOT better after doing this...stomach flu/fever

Epsom salt and then some Detox bath. They said: How to take a Detox Bath to rid your body of toxins. Great for when you have a cold or flu. I did this one night and felt amazing afterwards! So relaxed and no aches and pains.