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Birthday cake icebox cookies

With sweet frosting and sprinkles, our festive Birthday cake icebox cookies are delicious yet simple to make — talk about having your cake and eating it too

Pin to Win! - Chatelaine

Chatelaine Pin to Win Contest Details. Create your own Holiday cookie board for your chance to WIN!

Glace-cherry-and-chocolate bars

Blondies cookie

Blondies cookie recipe - Chatelaine - We use Skorr Bits & Chocolate Chips (instead of pecans and white chocolate). It's like a chocolate chip cookie & a brownie had a baby.

quick-and-easy chocolate-walnut-thins recipe

Chocolate-walnut thins

Holiday cookie recipes Get Chatelaine’s 90 favourite Christmas cookies from shortbread to macarons, gingerbread to sugar cookies and so many more!

Apricot coconut cookie

Make 25 cookie variations with one sugar cookie recipes

Add a sweet dollop of apricot jam to create unique Apricot coconut icebox cookies; just one of the variations to our triple-tested icebox cookie recipe.