Barbara Griffin - Evening Services

Evening Services by Barbara Griffin. The beautiful mosaic windows are glowing in the evening light. You can feel the calmness of the scene. The only sounds are the hushed tones of the voices inside praying in unison.

Barbara Griffin - Rural Washday 1969 - Nostalgic Memories

Browse through images in Barbara Griffin's Nostalgic Art collection. A collection of images that bring back memories from a simpler time in our past.

Barbara Griffin - St.Philip

Browse through images in Barbara Griffin's Buildings Old and not so Old collection. A selection of buildings from churches and houses to old stages and sheds in original paintings, photographs and digital images.

Barbara Griffin - Irises And Old Boards - Weathered Wood

Irises And Old Boards - Weathered Wood by Barbara Griffin. Painted to look like old boards, a window looks out on a field of purple irises.

Barbara Griffin - Challenges

Challenges painting about resettlement. Images can be reduced or enlarged to fit throw pillows.

Barbara Griffin - Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories by Barbara Griffin. The fire is glowing, the tree is decorated, presents are wrapped and there is peace in the world tonight on Christmas Eve.

Barbara Griffin - Old Stage and Storeloft

Old Stage and Storeloft Barbara Griffin. An old fishing stage with an overhead storage room for nets and fishing gear. This type of structure was usually built under a steep hill where there was little flat land near the rocky shoreline.

Barbara Griffin - The Ice Took It

The Ice Took It by Barbara Griffin. Where's the wharf? The wharf and flake for drying fish are gone and this little fishing stage is barely hanging on. The next big ice will take it. Small icebergs are drifting out the harbour as the tide changes.