Vintage sketches with a story

These images pertain to 100 years or more in the history of Newfoundland when people came from the British Isles. Newfoundland was a British colony until 1949. This is not life today. These sketches show an old way of life, the hardships people endured, the tools that were used to eek out a living and the fun that was had in celebration or to break the monotony of hardship, struggles, cold or loneliness. Some images from my Heritage Quilt have wrinkles and folds that add to the character.
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Barbara Griffin - Mowing Hay

Mowing Hay by Barbara Griffin. Domestic animals need food during winter months. The farmer/fisherman took care of this by mowing tall grass, drying it in the sun and storing it in a stable for his animals when they could not get grass to eat in winter.

Barbara Griffin - Vintage MAYTAG Wringer Washer

Vintage MAYTAG Wringer Washer by Barbara Griffin. The wringer washer was a big step up from using a scrub board and washing tub.

Barbara Griffin - Pitcher Plant

Newfoundland Pitcher Plant by Barbara Griffin. The pitcher plant is the provincial floral emblem of Newfoundland Labrador. It is a carnivorous plant that grows in marshland.

Barbara Griffin - Two-Story Fishing Stage

Two-Story Fishing Stage by Barbara Griffin. An old fishing stage, wharf and remnants of a fishing business are now lying in ruins and will soon fall into the ocean,