Winter nature wonderland

Deer in the winter woods, the only way it could be better is if it were the white hart it's self. A very coool Scene with that deer!

Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario | Algonquin is renowned for its maple hills, its rugged granite ridges, and its network of nearly countless waterways. A weekend spent paddling the outer lakes can be rejuvenating. A week or more spent exploring the interior lakes can be life-changing. | Photo by George Fischer • Excerpted from Unforgettable Canada: 100 Destinations | 10


Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario - known for its maple hills, rugged granite ridges and countless waterways. In the fall you cannot describe the beauty

25 Awesome Facts about Canada   #infographic #Canada #Travel #Facts

25 Awesome Facts about Canada #infographic

These are a few fun facts about Canada. Canada is a big country with the longest coastline. It is also one of the countries with the highest literacy rate. Find out more interesting facts about Canada in our infographics.

Two Minutes Of Canada.  This Video Will Put A Smile On Your Face.

The makers of this video asked Canadians to share clips of their best travel experiences.

The Shipwreck, Tobermory, Ontario, Canada

The Shipwreck, Tobermory, Ontario, Canada how about a ship wreck and some treasure. The glass bottom boat tour was fun

1967 coins | Minted for Canada's centennial year

For day 67 I thought I would use coins minted in In 1967 Canada celebrated it's Centennial and commissioned Canadian wildlife artist Alex Colville to design the reverse of Canada's coinage for that year.