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Through the Military Families Fund. A very special cause.
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First Special Service Force
📢 I am extremely honoured to be invited to display a selection of my work during the First Special Service Force 74th Reunion in Calgary this week at the Westin Hotel (downtown)! My display is set up in the Banff Room at the Westin and you are invited to come and see my work in person this Thursday, August 18th anytime after 10:30 AM. #FSSF #CommandoUnit #DevilsBrigade #blackdevils #spearhead #arrowhead #cansofcom #jtf2 #csor #cjiru #1sfg #firstspecialserviceforce #badges #operatorAF
Battle Of The Atlantic
⚓ The Battle Of The Atlantic “may we live with courage, act with justice, and choose with love, that those whom we have honoured this day, will not have sacrificed their lives in vain” 🇨🇦 We Will Remember Them #BattleoftheAtlantic #SecondWorldWar #RoyalCanadianNavy #Navy #BOA77 #CanadaRemembers #BattleofAtlantic #WWII
Army, navy, air force, police, fire, rescue, safety, EMT service gifts
🇨🇦 We WILL remember them. Today marks the 105th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. It was unfathomable and April 9, 1917 is still the bloodiest day in Canadian military history. 😢 I encourage you to take time to reflect, to be grateful and to remember ALL who were lost and injured during this battle which lasted until April 12, 1917.
Founded on April 1st
🎉 April 1st is a VERY special day for several fine regiments as well as the Royal Canadian Air Force! These were ALL founded on April 1st! Happy Birthday to all from Bonnie Saunders! 😃🎈 I hope you enjoy this special compilation.🇨🇦⁠ ~~~ #loyaledmontonregiment #rockymountainrangers #kingsowncalgaryregiment #lesfusilierdesherbrooke #royalwestminsterregiment #britishcolumbiadragoons #RCAF #royalcanadianairforce #CanadianArmy #april1 #canadianmilitary
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Canadian Forces Badge Plates - First Compilation
As an artisan, I am privileged and truly blessed to provide these personalized, admirable and meritorious mementos to honour one's dedicated service to our country! These shall become cherished by members and their families for a lifetime and be passed on for generations. I trust you will all enjoy and share my first special compilation of happy and very proud recipients as they show their Canadian Forces Badge Plates "With Pride". Contact Bonnie Saunders 306-830-2328
a white and red plate with the canadian coat of arms on it in a black frame
Canadian Forces Crest Plate, Unique and Beautiful Gift Ideas for members of DND/CF by Glass Treasures by Bonnie Saunders-Canadian Artisan
Canadian Forces Badge Plates Very unique and personalized mementos to honour one's service. A portion of each sale goes to Support Our Troops through the Military Families Fund. This is the Canadian Forces Crest Plate. #Military #CAF