Usborne Young Reading: The Holocaust

The Holocaust A sensitive and moving account of the Holocaust, based on survivors' stories and historical fact. Illustrated with archive photographs, maps and documents. Internet links to carefully researched and informative websites.

Usborne Famous Lives: Winston Churchill

Thoughtful introduction to the remarkable life of Winston Churchill for young readers. Find out more or buy online.

Usborne Famous Lives: Anne Frank

Thoughtful account of the extraordinary life of Anne Frank for young readers.

Historical House: Josie Under Fire

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Historical Sticker Dolly Dressing: Wartime Fashion

“Wartime fashion” at Usborne Children’s Books

Beginners Plus Series: Warships

What is the biggest warship at sea? What kinds of weapons do warships carry? How do jet fighters take off from an aircraft carrier? And when did the first fighting ships sail into battle?

Beginners Plus Series: Special Forces

Who were the original Commandos? How do ordinary soldiers become Special Forces? How do troops communicate without speaking? Find out the answers to these quest

Usborne Young Reading: The First World War

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Usborne Young Reading: Animals at War

Animals at War: In Association with the Imperial War Museum von Isabel George und Rob Lloyd Jones, Usborne Publishing Ltd