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culture of Wicca and Pagan community

Gypsy Moon's Enchanted Chronicles

Gypsy Moon's Enchanted ramblings, thoughts and images of what I like (and what I don't like). Obviously I like Stevie...that's why she is on top of this blog. Follow me and you'll get to know my likes & my dislikes.

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Oración a Elegua para el amor

En el nombre de Dios Padre Creador, Yo te invoco, Majestuoso Elegua, para que con solo la noble influencia de tu presencia, pueda yo obtener el éxito absoluto en todo lo referente al amor, para que con tu divina intersección pueda yo estar en paz, ser próspero y pueda salir airoso de todas las dificultades ... Leer más

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THE LWA PAPA SOBO PAPA SOBO MI LOA, ESTOY ASEGURADO. PAPA SOBO MI LOA ESTOY ASEGURADO. MONEDA EN MI MANO, MONEDA EN MI BOLSILLO, MONEDA EN EL BANCO. PAPA SOBO MI LOA ESTOY ASEGURADO. "Papa Sobo my lwa, I am assured. Oh Papa Sobo my lwa, I am assured. I have money in my hand, money in my pocket, money in the bank. Papa Sobo my lwa, I am assured." AGAOU / BELIE BELCAN TOME I am the Wrath of God, I am his Roar when the Earth Trembles, I am near!' Belie Belcan "el Viejo San Miguel" is an Ogun…

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Jul Mis Photos Photos: Haitians Take Part In Voodoo Ceremony In Port-Au-Prince Slum Voodoo Priest, Yoruba People, Port Au Prince, Haitian Art, Dance Project, Slums, Photo Colour, The Conjuring, Goddesses
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Photos Show Strange and Intoxicating Vodou Rituals in Brooklyn - Feature Shoot

Photos Show Strange and Intoxicating Vodou Rituals in Brooklyn - Feature Shoot

Vodou is a religion deeply embedded in Haitian culture, practiced in Haiti and the Haitian diaspora, but thanks to Western culture ‘voodoo’ is repeatedly misunderstood and spurned as some evil religion in pact with the devil. Brooklyn-based photographer Shannon Taggart - whose work centers on ritual and spirituality - set out to explore for herself modern day Vodou ceremonies. In these fascinating black-and-white images taken in a basement temple in Brooklyn, we witness strange, intoxicating…