Kerrie Jackson

Kerrie Jackson

Kerrie Jackson
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Yule Love These Cookies - The Pampered Chef®

Cute cookie design inspiration is just a Tool Turn-About spin away. Give cookies a fun ornamental finish by imprinting them with your favorite Pampered Chef® tool. What a great way to get the kids involved in holiday baking!

Melty the Snowman - The Pampered Chef®

Frosty’s melting! Refrigerated cookie dough takes on a fun new form when you roll it out and use the Scoop Loop ™ as a cookie cutter to create that perfect melty shape.

Easy Cheesy Platter - The Pampered Chef®

(Day Wow your guests with this EASY-CHEESY PLATTER The Bamboo Appetizer Platter is the perfect backdrop to this simple, cheese tannenbaum.

DIY Santa Graham Crackers

Winter party idea: Craft and take home treat. Cute graham cracker Santa for kids to make. If we want to avoid "Santa" or "holiday" maybe just snowmen or other winter scenes, stars or snowflakes on the graham. Edible "glitter" could make it really pop!