Christmas & Holiday Cheer at The Boulevard Club

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a santa clause sitting at a table with presents in front of him and his laptop
#Santa is #makingalist and #checkingittwice going to find who's #naughtyornice! He's on his way to our #socialclub, almost there! #accounting #santaTO #stnick #christmas #xmas #christmasdecore #officelife #office #Santaclaus #accountsreceivable #accountspayable #financeteam #finances #hr #payroll #holidays #festive
a man dressed as santa claus cooking on an outdoor grill with presents wrapped around him
Santa barbecuing on our Club lawn! Watch as he makes his way towards the Club from December 1-24
a santa clause standing on top of a surfboard
Toronto, ON
a piece of paper with words written on it that says please surfs eme
the letter to santa is written on two sheets of paper with different writing styles and colors
Toronto, ON
Letters to Santa: The love for Star Wars starts at an early age...
two handwritten letters with santa claus on them and the letter i wrote to santa
Letters to Santa: Santa may need to make his way to a pet store -stuffed animals won't cut it with this crowd.
a santa letter to santa claus is shown in this christmas writing activity for the kids
Toronto, ON
Letters to Santa: This child is a huge fan -she's requesting Santa merchandise!
santa letter writing practice for kids
Toronto, ON
Letters to Santa: Bribe number 3 -this little one added cookies to the mix. ...And added peace to her Christmas wishlist awwww!
a handwritten letter from santa to his son
Toronto, ON
Letters to Santa: Bribe number 2 - classic bait for Santa's reindeer.
santa letter to santa claus from the children's christmas caroling program, which was written in english and spanish
Toronto, ON
Letters to Santa: We received some honesty and classic Santa bribes. Here's bribe number 1.
a pair of silver bells sitting on top of a wooden table next to christmas decorations
DIY silver bells! Badminton Birdies spray painted silver to make wonderful Christmas Tree ornaments. There's a bell hanging in the inside :)